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The Water Drop

I made my first post today. And honest to God, I did not think a single person would care.

The  thing is, when you're online, with the multitude of activity, personal information, constant updating, talented publication, and so on, you really don't think that your water drop will stand out from the tsunami of (for lack of a better word) STUFF that makes up the fabric of the ever-expanding cyberspace. It wasn't even that important of a post, just a picture that I took and loved on a trip a while ago.

But then, I got my first follower. Within only a few hours.

And I don't know what to say. All I can think of after this is that the greatest motivator for a writer is a reader; I understand this now. And I am so grateful that I have an audience to write for, however big or small it may be. And I promise that everything I choose to include here will be original; my thoughts, my opinions, my material.

Thank you, Cristian. You've helped me see that even when you're one among billions, you're not alone.